The scenarios [by Steinar Hamre]

Learning the game

This is a nice map to start training playing xbattle on.

Polar Nomads

You run a tribe of nomads living in tent camps in a arctic region. The tent camps can very easily be dismounted using `s', and put up again wherever you have some people using `b'. Remember that it is very cold, and your people will freeze to death very quickly when away from the camp. Therefore it is wise to move the tents along with your forces. You start with 4 tent camps. To get more you must capture them from your enemy. You also have scouts, use 'p' to throw of a scout in a direction.

I've not yet played this game with humans.

Desert War

Legions patrol the desert from their bases. Remember that your armies slowly die in the constant sun and dangerous sand, so you must plan your attack on the enemy base well. It's a good idea to coordinate several of your nearest bases in the attack of an enemy base, but remember not to leave your back open.

Malaria Madness

You wake up alone in a dangerous jungle. To survive you need to find towns. But although you know the general terrain, you do not know where the towns are, and because of the unpenetrable vegetation you can only see what is right next to you. Movement is also very slow, especially in the darkest parts of the wood. And in the far end of the jungle your enemy is already hiering an army.

There is also a version with guns and paratroopers.

Mountain Tribes

You love high mountains. You want to build more of them. You also want to build cities in the highest mountains. Build many cities, using `b', and when you can no longer build new cities, capure them from your enemy, loot them for goods using `s' and put them up again. Fill up the seas to get away from your continent, and rule the world.

You need to use the manage functions in this game. Also a game can last very long, because of the exessive filling.

Amoebaes at war

You are the dominant life form on Jupiter's moon Io. Or rather, trying to become the dominant life form. To do this you must spread out and capture as much of the land possible, establish front toward your enemy, and set up all your land to supply the front.

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