Welcome to the XBattleAI homepage. XBattleAI is the result of my continued development of the unix realtime strategy game XBattle. Please note that XBattleAI is not an official continuation of XBattle but rather a branching result from my patches of the lates stable version of XBattle (v5.4.1), you can find the official XBattle homepage here . Another alternative XBattle like game is Europa (the webpage appears to be down but you can still find the sources for Europa here ).

What is XBattle and XBattleAI

XBattle[AI] is a realtime strategy game in it's purest form. You are fighting on a graph (map) where certain nodes continously produces energy (troops) and you fight by drawing arrows along the edges where troop movements should occur. Obviously, this oneline description is an oversimplification of the game since there exists lots of options and more interesting features than just moving the troops on a graph.

The only major difference this far from the original XBattle and my XBattleAI is the ability to use computer controlled opponents. All options in the original game can now be used in conjunction with the AI option provided by XBattleAI, however the AI does not always take advantage of them. For instance, the AI uses guns only in preparations of attacks (never for harrasment) and never uses paratroopers even if the game parameters allows them.

Note that the current development of XBattleAI is rather stagnant and I haven't written anything in a long time. However if you are looking for other opensource games take a look at my software page.


2002-11-21: I have lately added both a graphical interface (using TCL/TK) for setting up options and for playing a small campaign and added some rudimentary sound support. If you want to try this latest relase (which seem to have broken some old things) head over to the downloads section and download XBattleAI v1.2.2. Be sure to start xbattle with the xbattleai.tcl script when you try it.

2002-10-02: Hm... I'm not realy doing anything usefull for this game anymore. However I got some very impressing patches from Ross Comb which deserves a new version. So head over to the downloads page and test out XBattleAI v1.2.1

2002-04-15: I'm creating a new release since I got some patches from Pierre previously and the client-server architecture is up and running (even though it's nothing fancy, still lots of work to be done on it). So, head over to the downloads section and try it out!

2002-02-02: Since I am currently working on adding a client/server architecture to xbattleai multiplayer games I though it would be good to enable people to try out the latest development snapshots every now and then. So there are now a development version available under downloads which is updated a bit more frequently than the other sources.

2001-11-27: New victory detector module. Works for both ai's and has several alternative victory conditions that can be enabled on a per player basis. Thanks Steinar :)

2001-11-25: Applied a patch with some misc. bug fixes from Steinar. Since theres no point in waiting for more changes before making a release this one is called v1.1.7.

2001-10-18: We should all thank Pierre Bureau for his great work on XBattleAI v1.1.6 with improvements to the second ai algorithms, campaigns, victory detector, maps with forest and hills etc.

2001-05-31: Oops. The threading code I applied to the last release wasn't properly shielded with mutex'es, semaphores etc. I removed the threading for now since there's (at least on my 750Mhz Duron) not a significant improvement to be made using them. Perhaps I'll add them back later (this time with proper locking of shared variables).

2001-05-28: Incorporated multithreading code from Jozef Kercso and an alternative AI algorithm from Pierre.

2001-02-20: Received some fixes for the colour handling. Should work better now on more esoteric Xservers. I'm releasing this as v1.1.3 for simplicitly. I have also decided to ignore my half finished enhancements and skip this codebase. I will reimplement something similar to XBattleAI under another name with a client/server structure and some other major design changes. All further patches I receive to xbattleai will of course be applied and published :-)

2000-12-05: I'm releasing some minor changes as v1.1.2 now. Some compilation problems have been fixed and comments are allowed in xbo's. Use # to begin a comment until end of line.

2000-11-02: XBattle v1.1.1 is released. This fixes some bugs in from previous versions, especially the one making the AI in version 1.1 actually worse (in some cases) that the older one in v1.0. All file input/output now works regardless of machine big/small endianness and XBattle now work better with truecolor displays [Thanks Steinar Hamre]. Fixed the inconsistency with dummy display names "you" and "null", both display names now work for AI and for replays. The scale for AI skill levels is now changed see notice above for descriptions.

2000-11-01: Apparently a quite annoying bug appeared just before the relase of the new version of the XBattleAI making v1.1 a much worse opponent than v1.0. This will we fixed as soon as possible, in the meantime the old v1.0 version can be downloaded here as sources or as Linux binaries . A new version fixing this bug and some others will appear today or tomorrow.

2000-10-30: XBattleAI v1.1 is now released with many bug fixes and enhancements to the AI. The AI now uses guns when available and makes more coordinated attacks, efficiently making the AI opponents better. Also a dummy display variable "null" can be used to avoid those annoying windows for the AI players. Ie, use options

xbattle -red null -ai 0 5 -green null -ai 1 7 -blue :0.0 ...

Mailing lists

Currently there are no mailing lists for XBattleAI, but if you want information about new releases of XBattleAI mail me and I'll put you down on my manual announcements list.

Contact me

If you have any ideas,suggestions or simply some unanswered question you can mail me - Mathias Broxvall - at matbr@home.se . I would also be gratefull if you have any neat screenshots (not too large), save games or other XBattleAI files which could be placed here at the webpage.

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