Hanna Furmańczyk
Institute of Informatics
University of Gdańsk
Wita Stwosza 57, 80-952 Gdańsk, Poland
e-mail: hanna@inf.ug.edu.pl

Ph.D. Thesis: Equitable and bounded coloring of graphs (in Polish)

Research area:

Main publications:

Before PhD thesis:
  1. Algorytmy sprawiedliwego kolorowania grafów, Damrath H., Kubale M., Zesz. Naukowe Politechniki Śląskiej, Seria Automatyka, 1998, zesz. 123, s. 111-120 (1998).
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  5. Equitable vertex coloring of graphs, H. Furmańczyk, M. Kubale, w: System Modelling Control - 2005, EXIT (2005).
  6. The Complexity of Equitable Vertex Coloring of Graphs, Furmańczyk, M. Kubale, JACS, 2, 95-106 (2005).

After PhD thesis:

  1. Equitable coloring of cacti and edge-cacti in polynomial time, H. Furmańczyk, K. Giaro, M. Kubale, IJPAM 27, 3, 379-392 (2006).
  2. Equitable coloring of graph products, H. Furmańczyk, Opuscula Mathematica, Vol. 26, No. 1, 31-44 (2006).
  3. Scheduling with precendence constraints. Mixed graph coloring in series-paralle graphs, H. Furmańczyk, A. Kosowski, P. Zyliński, LNCS 4967, 1001-1008 (2007).
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  12. Equitable coloring of graphs. Recent theoretical results and new practical algorithms, H. Furmańczyk, A. Jastrzębski, M. Kubale, Archives of Control Sciences Vol. 26 (2016) No. 3, 281--295.
  13. Scheduling of unit-length jobs with bipartite incompatibility graphs on four uniform machines, H. Furmańczyk, M. Kubale, Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences: Technical Sciences, 65(1) (2017), 29-34.
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  17. r-dynamic chromatic number of some line graphs, H. Furmańczyk, J.Vernold Vivin, N. Mohanapriya, Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 49(4) (2018), 591–600.
  18. Equitable list vertex colourability and arboricity of grids, E. Drgas-Burchardt, J. Dybizbański, H. Furmańczyk, E. Sidorowicz, Filomat 32(18) (2018).
  19. On star coloring of splitting graphs, H. Furmańczyk, Kowsalya.V, Vernold Vivin.J, accepted to Ars Combinatoria 2018.
  20. Equitable coloring of hypergraphs, H. Furmańczyk, P. Obszarski, accepted to Discrete Applied Mathematics 2019

  21. Equitable Colorings of $l$-Corona Products of Cubic Graphs, H. Furmańczyk, M. Kubale, submitted 2017.
  22. Equitable total coloring of corona of cubic graphs, H. Furmańczyk, R. Zuazua, submitted 2018.
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